The city of Cherasco, a place of heliculture (snail breeding, for food) and bite-sized chocolate pastries named Baci (Kisses) in the territory of Cuneo, has conquered its reputation over time as a place of peace, due to the high number of non-belligerence treaties signed between the 17th and 19th centuries. For this reason, its historical and artistic richness remains a testimony to its spirit of warm welcome. This sense of proximity also leaves its mark on the hospitality that distinguishes the old and new restaurateurs of the place. Among the latter, star chef Francesco Oberto takes the Langhe and Roero cuisine to a historic palace decorated with frescos by the painter Operti dating back to 1772. The jump from trattoria to a one Michelin star Guide restaurant was not a straightforward goal. Da Francesco Restaurant in Cherasco does not abandon Piedmontese tradition in the line of typical dishes, and their creativity in the kitchen meets a fresh and communicative style.

A room with attention to detail in the Fracassi Ratti Mentone marquises’ palace overlooking Vittorio Emanuele Street and an innovative Piedmont cuisine with strong roots in ancient specialties. This is the philosophy of Ristorante Da Francesco in Cherasco, which is focused on making the customer feel at ease, transporting him to the idea of a right restaurant, with the chalice refill on each dish and a varied and original menu. The chef, always at the highest levels, plays with the best raw materials of the territory and with unique combinations of unusual ingredients that has earned Ristorante Da Francesco the prestigious award of the Michelin star.

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