The opportunity to try out a one Star Michelin restaurant can become the flywheel to fall in love with a small town. In fact, the Da Francesco Restaurant is located in the heart of Cherasco, originally a medieval vicariate of the Emperor Frederick II’s family of Swabia, who had it built in 1243. In the ancient Roman village called Clerascum, the emperor and his imperial vicar Lancia decided to found the new town on a plateau at the confluence of the rivers Stura di Demonte and Tanaro. Following turbid municipal struggles, the municipality soon passed to the Ghibelline part and, after a short period as an independent commune, gave up its autonomy to the Anjou and then to the Savoie until it reached the Napoleonic siege. Despite the continuous succession of dominations and bloody wars, Cherasco is universally known as a place of Peace due to the high number of treaties signed, including the famous one signed in 1796 by Napoleon and Vittorio Amedeo III, which sanctioned the end of hostilities. For those who love art, the city is a masterpiece of historical testimonies, monuments, churches and majestic palaces. Among these figures are the Palazzo Burotti di Scagnello, built in the late 17th century and then renovated in the 17th century under the current name and the opening of a large Italian garden closed by a fountain. Unfortunately, the events have taken care to delete a large part of the old structure, but the hall on the first floor, which is home to the starred Da Francesco Restaurant, survives till today. Here you will be welcomed by Pietro Paolo Operti, painter of Bra, who built a figurative layout arranged in squares designed by architect Francesco Barelli. What was first a ballroom and then a leather goods workshop, was transformed into a dining room where to taste the starred dishes of chef Francesco Oberto, guided by the skillful welcome of his partner Francesca. Cherasco brings the echo of a distant past that blends perfectly with the atmosphere of its meeting places and memory. Thanks to the vineyards that extend well beyond the Tanaro, it is one of the eleven municipalities from which the history of Barolo wine has started, but it is also known for its annual antiques market, able to gather more than 600 exhibitors from all over Italy. In Cherasco, there is also the National Association of Heliculturists, which pursues the breeding and trading of snails used in gastronomy. These and other factors have been fundamental to elevate the town from its social destiny as an urban periphery, transforming it into an economy respectful of its artistic and cultural heritage without alienating it from the modern needs of expansion in agriculture and the tertiary sector, crucial sectors on which the population refers in order to maintain, still today, its standard of living.

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